AutoServ of Newport | TranzX PST Presents New Shifting Sensor for Entry Level E-Bikes | (2/22/2012)

E-bike prices are sure to go down as more and more consumers consider purchasing electric bikes but want a quality system that is both reliable and affordable. TranzX PST has a new solution to this dilemma that brings performance to entry-level e-bikes and presents manufacturers with a real cost-effective alternative.

JD Group, the leading developer of TranzX PST labeled electric drive systems for electric bicycles, is introducing new “Gear-Sensor Technology” during the Taipei Cycle Show.

With the new Gear-Sensor, JD provides e-bike manufacturers with an improved e-bike sensor technology, which easily integrates into the handlebar shifter upgrading entry-level models without any frame adjustments and additional sensor components.

Precise measuring is achieved by combining Gear and RPM sensors on the e-bike resulting in accurate and smooth support at a cost-effective price; therefore, an attractive alternative to other more expensive sensors. The Gear-Sensor is directly connected with the shift cable in order to measure the used gear. The feedback from Gear and RPM sensors combine active live readings to determine the exact riding conditions.

As a result, the coordinated support from the drive system can be optimally adapted to individual situations and the actual selected gear, delivering very accurate system feedback, achieving precise support and therefore more riding comfort.The Gear-Sensor will be available to OEMs in the spring of 2012.

Introduced at last year’s Taipei Show, the M07 central motor is now ready to roll off production lines at the JD e-bike factories. The brushless and geared motor integrates into the bottom bracket and focuses the majority of weight on the lower region of the e-bike. this creates a well-balanced ride that is particularly appropriate for sports oriented e-bikes.

Connected to the chain rings, the new motor transmits energy directly to the chain, increasing e-bike acceleration and performance. The TranzX PST central motor can accommodate up to three chain rings, expanding manufacturer options to equip e-bikes with up to 30 different gear ratios.

Additionally, the central motor enables flexibility for different e-bike modifications. With the motor located at the bicycle’s midpoints, both wheels can be utilized for a variety of combinations such as hub gears and hub dynamos, as well as a coaster break.

The TranzX PST central drive system is extremely powerful for a responsive support with a peak torque of up to 70 Nm. it includes an overload protector, in the form of an electronic control unit between the shift cables and the motor. The protector cuts off the drive support as soon as the rider activates the gear shift, with the purpose that the power is not transferred to the chain while shifting, to which avoids overstraining the chain.

The new M07 central motor is set to be launched for mass production prior to the trade fair in Taipei. TranzX PST systems and components will all be on display at the Taipei Cycle Show in the NanGang Exhibition Hall, Booth JO408.

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