AutoServ of Newport | Suzuki Scooters Features And Specifications | (2/19/2012)

Suzuki scooters have gained quite a reputation for being one of the most trusted makes in the field of economized transportation, and the suzuki scooters are no exception. with many new models coming in to the market there is a varied choice for customers to choose from. the 2009 Suzuki Burgman 400 is model which is making quite an impact with its increasing sales. These models of Suzuki scooters come with a great new features and stylish design and come with Antilock Braking Systems (ABS) for the first time in suzuki scooters.

These Suzuki scooters come with a high powered and efficient 400cc fuel injected engine. the scooter promises to provide you with a smooth and trouble free scooter experience, with smooth acceleration to help you traverse even the most unlikely of roads with comfortable ease. the newly installed ABS systems is one of the latest features to accompany these suzuki scooters, as well as the disc brakes along with the Suzuki Pulsed – secondary AIR – injection also known as (PAIR) has been integrated to reduce any surplus emissions and maintain legitimate levels and paired with refined suspension to ensure easy maneuvering, comfort and impressive all around performance.

The practical and desirable design is also also as aerodynamic fare in its line up of capabilities, along with 3 storage compartments along with a large 62 liter under seat safe-keeping. that getting this year’s model, the initial model since its introduction inside the marketplace, the 2011 model is evenly or perhaps a lot more sophisticated, sleek and has a stylish design and costs Seven dollars,499.00.

The Bergman 650 Executive 2011 suzuki scooters are also extremely popular amongst scooter lovers and the first such model of this kind was launched in 2006, it comes with front Dual Hydraulic Discs brakes that has made this particular model a favorite of many and comes highly recommended by most people in the market. These suzuki scooters comes with a standard 638 cc Parallel Twin Engines as well as with speed transmissions.

Other specifications regarding this particular brand of suzuki scooters for instance; the exterior of these suzuki scooters comes arranged with a plastic body material as well as with a steel frame. the one piece seating arrangement has a height of 750 mm and the seating is designed out of vinyl. the speed performance of the tires of the scooter range from the front tires clocking in and around a speed of 56 H and the rear speed rating comes up to around 65 H . the width of the rear wheel in diameter is 14 cm and the front wheel width in inches is 3.5 and the rear wheel width is somewhere around 4.5 inches. These Suzuki scooters are guaranteed for their quality and this particular make comes priced at $ 9,800.00.

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