AutoServ of Newport | Motorcycle Burnt by Angry Friend | (2/15/2012)

Motorcycle Burnt by angry Friend

On Thursday at 2:30 am, the Pattaya Police Investigating Inspector Pol. Lt. Gritta Pratumgaew were called to investigate a motorcycle that was on fire on -

Pattaya Beach Road, in front of Hard Rock Hotel. at the scene, a black-purple Suzuki Crystal motorcycle was complete toast.  The owner Mr. Decha Ganhala, aged 44 from Udonthani province, stated that he works as a security guard for a private company, and was sent to work at the Hard Rock Hotel. The conflagration happened as he was doing an inspection around the premises, when his acquaintance, Mr. Piyawat drove up on a motorcycle and stopped where he was standing.  Mr. Piyawat then proceeded to pour gasoline all over Mr. Decha’s motorcycle, set fire to it, and fled the scene quickly.

Mr. Decha and Mr. Piyawat had argued earlier that day. Mr. Piyawat intended to cause some trouble but Mr. Decha told him to stop, and that could have made him angry enough to commit this crime. further investigations will be made.

News stories placed on this website are short versions. If you would like the full story, please read the Pattaya People Weekly newspaper

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